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STOCKHOLM Stockholm is a very picturesque city located on 14 islands connected with each other by 55 bridges.  This one of the most beautiful...
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Lapland in Helsinki – Visitors package

1 – 1,5 hours
GROUPS Helsinki Winter World is available for group visits all year round Minimum size of a group: starting from 20 Maximum size of the group: up...
from €33/person

Musical tours

MUSICAL TOURS TO ROCK AND POP CONCERTS IN HELSINKI, STOCKHOLM AND TALLINN. Do you want to visit life concerts of world stars? Do you like the...
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Lapland in Helsinki – Husky speed package

1,5 – 2 hours
Minimum size: 30 adults (no limits in summer season opening times) Gross prices: Adults – 52 €, Children (4-14y) – 42 € Includes: visit to the...
from €42/person


Sea fortress Suomenlinna (build it 1748), well-known in Russia as Sveaborg fortress, is a unique architecture monument, complex of bu ildings...
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