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Finland is a hidden gem tucked into the far up North. It is a treasure waiting to be discovered. You will find thousands of reasons to fall in love with Finland; the people, arctic adventures and secrets. And four distinct seasons that continue to call you back. When you think you have seen and experiences it all, then it is time to explore Finland.

Good to Know

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Visa Requirements

Schengen Area



Languages spoken


Currency Used


Area (km2)

338.424 km2


Finland has 311 municipalities (2017). They tend to be small, more than half of the municipalities have fewer than 6,000 residents. The smallest municipality, the Swedish-speaking town of Sottunga, has no more than a hundred residents (2015), whereas the number of residents in Finland’s capital Helsinki is some 630,000 (2015). The largest municipality by area is Inari in Northern Finland (15.055 km2) and the smallest is Kauniainen in the Helsinki metropolitan area (5.9 km2). The small municipalities account for about half of the land area, but only for 15 per cent of the population and for about 10 per cent of all jobs. The smallest municipalities in the Finnish archipelago have fewer than 200 residents.

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