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Stockholm is a very picturesque city located on 14 islands connected with each other by 55 bridges.  This one of the most beautiful European capitals has a very long history and is full of sights that are recommended to visit:

–    The Stockholm Palace. There are over 600 historical apartments in this official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch.
–    The City hall of Stockholm is the main symbol of the capital of Sweden. Its golden tower is decorated with three crowns of city`s arm.
–    The Vasa museum is the only ship of 17th century that is saved till nowadays. Now it`s opened for visitors as a museum and very popular among visitors.
–    Skansen is the oldest ethnographical open air museum containing on the huge territory open air cages for animals and over 150 houses and buildings from all parts of Sweden, such as bakery, smithy, glassblower shop etc.
–     Junibacken is the biggest children’s open air museum, it`s devoted to Swedish children’s literature. This museum is one of most-visited tourist attractions in Sweden. The museum contains the largest children’s bookstore in Sweden, the home of  Pippi Longstocking, big theatre scene, a lot of restaurants, exhibitions.
–    The first Royal National City Park Ekoparken is the world’s first National City Park.

Feel the unique medieval atmosphere in this beautiful city!

Rates are on request.

Rate includes:
– tickets for ferry to Stockholm and back
– guide according itinerary
– transport according itinerary
– entrance fee to the museums according itinerary
Additionally: lunch at a local restaurant.

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