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TURKU, the city of Sweden kings

We offer you to visit Turku (“Åbo” in Sweden), former capital of Finland, 160 km away from  Helsinki. Swedish name of the city consists of 2 words: Å – river, bo – to live. Turku is the oldest city in Finland. It was built in XIII century and now it’s one of the biggest  city in the country as well.One of the most important sights is the castle Turun linna.This castle is the most  anci ent one in Finland, it was built in XIII century by Swedes and served as a strong hold of king power. Sweden name of this castle is Abo slott, Finnish one is Turun linna. The castle was built as a defensive construction in the mouth of Aura Yoki river, that helped to control ships’ moving and not to let enemy fleet coming into the city. Many pieces of ceramics, jewelry, suites, furniture and toys are exhibited in a castle palatial part of the castle. In castle halls devoted to the history of the castle models of the castle are presented. In a front part of the castle exposition of the Historical museum with the pieces of interior of the XVI-XVIII century period is opened for visitors. There you have a chance to visit underground of Round tower, where some halls are devoted to Finnish coins and orders.

Close to the theatre Forum Marinum sea center locates. It`s the museum of trade and military fleet exhibiting the great exposition of different sizes ships, weapons and ships` details and 4 ships opened for visitors: sailing vessel Suomen Joutsen, three-masted sailing frigate Sigyn, torpedo boat Keihassalmi , gunboat Karjala.

Till 1812 Turku was the capital of Finland. The first university of the country is still locates there. The city was totally destroyed in fire in 1828 and then it was fully rebuilt. Today Turku is modern and developing city with a big variety of shopping malls, restaurants, night clubs, and many other places for entertaining.

Enjoy the life, coming to Turku.  

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